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“I know Mike through a training program and got to know his website:                   http://kabook-i.com. I always liked the idea of sustainable and green living, Mike helps people to do just that! His ideas as listed on the website are both practical and life-changing. I strongly encourage you to contact Mike to assist you in this area of his expertise.” –

KC Tan, Founder of WebSprout Consulting. http://websproutconsulting.com/

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Awesome! I didn’t expect it to be so well designed… within such short time. Especially for someone with no formal IT background. There are other similar websites but your layout and range of information is just right for the seasoned or casual visitor. I am also confident that you can get your human8ture toilet system going in the millions. This is just what they need in places like India, otherwise the problem will never be solved (great video on open defecation BTW) And the fact that your home is not just another structure but a complete holistic living system is just again another brilliant idea. I will send you some photos and notes on my work with Square Foot Gardens and Bottle Gardens so that you can post on line. All the best and good luck in your quest to reach out to humanity.

Ben Thum.  Architect , Green Designer. Square Foot Garden Garden Practitioner.



What a great site and a great idea. As hydraulic engineers we travel to many rural areas across the world and never cease to be amazed at the terrible conditions people live in. It really is about time somebody came up with a system that can lift these people out of the poverty trap and into a better way of life. I think this kabook-i four part system does just that. Best of luck to you in your new venture; great idea for the future of construction; hope it takes off for you.

Mr Ian Taylor


Great to see your web site.
This idea will open up the concepts of Sustainable sanitation to the rest of the world outside the SuSanA conference platform and especially to the rural poor (like me!)

AMOS – designer in sustainable sanitation modules, UDDT’s and techniques


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Because an idea is new it doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. It only needs people who are enthusiastic and willing to live a simple lifestyle in their community – thus saving them large amounts of time, money and infrastructure. The Howard-Higgins system of DRY sanitation is probably the safest in the world that actually produces something useful that any grower can utilize to grow his food with. It includes both fractions of the human element in one go and there is no need for the labour of separate irrigation with urine afterwards. It takes me about 20 minutes per day to operate the system continually for our household.
Questions can be asked/answered here, if they are sent to my email address.                 http://sustainableagriculturelondon.ning.com/

Richard Higgins
co chair Working Group 05 (SuSanA) Sanitation to Agriculture


Well done, Mike! Now, everyone can understand and benefit from your great and simple ideas… Especially the poor people and the groups trying to better their life. I find your toilet system and human waste recycling method to be straightforward and revolutionary. It could really affect the life of the 2+ billion people who cannot afford a decent toilet and do not have access to a functioning sewage system.
 Dr Roberto Marianni:
serial technology entrepreneur and former scientist in Imaging Technolgy. Inventor of the world renowned ‘face synthesis for face recognition. XID Technologies Pte Ltd, co-founder of Tagit Pte Ltd (mobile payment), Founder of Skydoor Pte Ltd (3d online video technology) Founder of Transmenu Pte Ltd (online menu translation). Obtained PhD in Industrial Physics from the “Institut National Geographique” in Paris with “Summa Cum Laude” in 1997.

Dear Mike,

This is a great initiative,I believe that there might be opportunities for us to work together going forward.

keep in touch, kind regards, Yogesh

World renowned master chef

Good work so far Mike. Speaking as a geography teacher, this would be a good website starting point to get Canadian students more in touch with the 3 R’s movement and how it is even more necessary in the developing world.



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