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How to: Google Analytics

I was going to write a massive blog on How To – How Stuff Works etc, then I found this website and Walah! It’s all there. (see kudos below)

1. How Stuff Works
How Stuff Works is probably the best known How-to tutorials site. It has has a vast and diverse collection with topics ranging from food, health, computers, etc. One of the best things about this site is that it explains even the toughest tutorial in a very simple and easy to understand language.

2. YouTube
Surprised? Well, it shouldn’t be if you use YouTube a lot. Yesterday my younger brother bought a new guitar and the very first thing he needed to do was to tune it. So he just logged on, went to and searched for “How to tune a guitar”. And there you go! He had a nice video explaining the process step-by-step.

3. eHow
eHow is another comprehensive tutorials website with detailed instructions on how to do just about anything. Like How Stuff Works, this site also covers a wide range of topics. Just type in what you want to know and a world of information is at your fingertips.

4.’s Video Tutorials’s video tutorial site has a collection of very informative how-to videos and screencasts on topics which include Parenting, Style, Electronics and Gadgets, etc. I found the collection to be very comprehensive and probably better than You Tube’s collection of similar videos.

5. wikiHow
wikiHow, as it says, is an editable How-to site with 40,100 articles contributed by volunteers from different parts of the world. You’re sure to find some nice tutorials here too.

6. Instructables
Instructables is a cool Do-It-Yourself site that has an extensive collection of user submitted how-to articles and easy instructions complete with videos and photographs. It’s a community driven website where you can submit content, vote and comment on existing content.

7. Wired’s How-To Wiki
Wired magazine’s how-to wiki has some very elaborate and detailed tutorials focussed primarily on topics like Gadgets, Technology and Computers. You can also subscribe to its RSS feed to get them the new how-to articles directly in your feed reader.

8. PC World’s How-to Site
PC World, one of the best tech journals available, also has a how to site that publishes technology focused tutorials related to various electronic gadgets, hardware and software applications.

9. VideoJug
When it comes to how-to video tutorial sites, VideoJug is probably the largest and most comprehensive. It has videos on varied subjects like choosing a new hairstyle, playing golf, installing windows or how to kiss someone passionately.

10. W3Schools
W3Schools is a first class web development tutorials website which provides easy reference guides on languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. All the tutorials are free and nicely explained through various examples.

11. NETTUTS    &       PSDTUTS
NETTUTS and PSDTUTS are sister sites, in fact blogs, and definitely one of the best online resources on web development and Photoshop skills. NETTUTS explores web development and designing in detail while PSDTUTS provides some world-class Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

12. 5min
5min is a video tutorial site with a difference- the videos are short and no more than 5 mins. Like other video sites, this too covers a wide range of topics, however it’s yet to take on sites like VideoJug in the online video tutorial space.

13. SuTree
Sutree aggregates the best video tutorials from other video sites and covers a variety of topics like softwares, games, pets & animals etc. Like instructables, SuTree is also a community driven website and lets you find videos through tags and subscribe to the RSS feed of the site.

14. VTC
Although VTC is not entirely free to use, it does provide some nice tutorials on software and business applications. Out of around 66,000 tutorials, it provides 12,500 for free.

15. Good Tutorials
Good Tutorials has a nice collection of graphic design tutorials which it aggregates through various web design sites and blogs. And yes, it’s free to use !

16. You Tube Edu
How to learn tons of stuff from You Tube Edu for free. Life is an education!

17. How to Become Rich
I think the title says it all. You can also Google this and find tons of stuff

18. How to become successful in life.
Thirteen tips from some of the worlds most successful people.

19. How to help humanity.
Read my blog and pass the information on to friends, colleagues and family.

20 How to find 20 qualities to be a more successful human being 
It’s worth taking the time out sometimes to check out how we can improve, not just in career or education, but also in humanity. Doesn’t mean we have to achieve all of them all of the time, but just trying is a good start.

21. How to build a box.
There are many ways to make a box, but many of us are clueless as to how to get started, or how to make a joint. Well, this little gem from Mother Earth News will show you how. Following these simple principals you will even be able to make your own sturdy bookcases and kitchen shelves.

22. How to … stuff for Face Book
Everything from how to create an event to how to annoy people on facebook, it’s all here.

Kudos big time to Abhijeet. You can find him at



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