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List of all kinds of useful links: if you have any ‘green’ links or low tech solutions / inventions you would like to add, please contact me to add to this page.

Are you / your school / your group / involved in a project? Please let me know, I’d love to post it on this site.

Do you have a link to healthcare, natural remedies, herbs etc? Please contact me. (not just promoting someone’s product – but advice)

The idea behind this page & site is to link & educate the global community at all levels to all things green, eco-sustainable and renewable and to raise awareness. From the poor villager to the academic, it’s about reaching out to one and all, for one and all.

Some of the groups listed below may crossover from one subject to the next i.e. water & toilets may be in the same group/link/report.

I have no affiliation to any of these linksthey are just links I have gathered over the years; if you’re a newbie they should give you a kick-start into the world of ecosan res, green construction, permaculture, groups, NGO’s and more : )

If you found this to be useful, informative, interesting … please blast it out to all your contacts and Facebook, Twitter etc etc – thanks

Educating & pointing people towards a greener, cleaner world.

If you know something I don’t know then please let me know; the only thing I really know is that there’s a lot that I don’t know.

NGO’s & Organisations

UNODC: List of all NGO’s worldwide

INSIDE NGO: a list of upcoming NGO events

Global Journey: Top 100 NGO

SuSaNa Links, resources, blogs for sustainable sanitation. Great site.

INTRAC providing training and consultancy for NGO’s PRACTICAL ACTION

The Commons

The Water Project: Water in Africa and poverty AAH Action Against Hunger Relief International Habitats for Humanity; Singapore IDEP foundation Community Care & Seed Saving in Bali

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Small Farms

Sustainable Agriculture London WHO

On poor sanitation and health UN subscription WSP

on the economics of poor sanitation

Dry Toilet Association of Finland WSSCC

Global forum on sanitation and hygiene SSWM – UDDT toilet systems WSP

on a variety of UDDT’s and information SOIL 1 SOIL 2 SOIL 3 SOIL 4 Sustain Ability with Ken Hickson ECOSANRES – eco toilet solutions GREENPEACE

On what happens to industrial waste Mother Earth News Resources / web links – DIY: Renewable Energy, Green Homes, Organic Gardens, Sustainable Farms and more Care 2 Care Resources / web links : Causes & News, Politics, Food, Global Development First Post India Minister Jairam on potty training 600 million Indians SLATE: News and Politics – Business, Arts, Health, Life

Sites in Singapore

Practical Action SPRING Social Enterprise Association Sing-Ind Chamber Commerce Design Singapore Council Ground Up Initiative LOHAS Elephant Design NTU – eco san toilet

The Commons Trust

Please let me know if you wish to be added to this list:

UDDT – ECO SAN TOILETS (and other toilets) What is a UDDT? Wiki 600 million in India without toilet : why the world needs UDDT or other ecosan solutions

ECO SAN RES guidelines for the use of ecosanres COMPOSTING LATRINES

An informative guide to a variety of common composters BIO REACTOR

A simple guide to bio reactors/toilets for human waste

The ABC’s of flush toilets

Composting – faeces / urine ECO SAN RES: guidelines on the use of urine and faeces in crop production – Jonnson & Stinzing SSWM Drying and storage of faeces– tech data composting process– simple & clear – Tech data for composting All about the phases of composting

Eight fun things about urine Web MD – tests on urine

EAWAG – urine as a commercial fertiliser

turning humanure into humus 1

0 tips for great compost All about nitrification Urine therapy Your pee (NPK) is precious composting toilets – not gross at all Thermophillic Composting eco san project in the Philippines Free Homemade Fertilisers human faeces powers Rawanda prison pathogens in modern flush toilets – scary! What happens when you don’t involve and educate people. Education in Eco San Res


Vermiculture (worms),content=1449



Mel Bartholemew’s Square Foot Gardening: must have guide to raised bed gardens!__whatissfg

SFG: Square Foot Gardening with Mel Bartholemew

Organic Pest Control

Eight Major Principals of Bio-Intensive Farming

Vertical Gardens

The Amazing Neem Tree

Companion Planting

Growing Plants from Seeds

Vertical Garden Ideas (Google for more)


safe drinking water in six hours

Water Saving Devices New water planning concepts – SuSaNa

Submerged Bioreactor Technology water resource links greywater planning greywater planning ditto greywater in wetlands



Permaculture – I can feed myself thank you (give a man a fish …)

Living off the grid – Texas style

Deep Green Permaculture

Ethics of Permaculture

Alternative Energy

A load of old rubbish!

Convert your car to run on trash!

Make your own bio-diesel!

convert cooking oil to diesel! (google)

Over Unity – The Holy Grail `

Wiki in the wind

Wiki on Sterling

Wiki on Alternative Energy

Wiki on Solar

Wiki on GeoThermal (GoGeo)

Wiki on Bio Fuels

Wiki on Fresnel Lens

Wiki on Ram Pumps (& potential stored energy)


Vernaculture – adobe – Alternative Construction

COBB buildings

Straw Bale Buildings

Building with Used Pallets – (I could build a house with this URL!)

Bamboo: if you have contact with, or you are, a trustworthy supplier of good quality bamboo please let me know. It would be great to establish a global list of suppliers.

Wiki on Bamboo

Bamboo construction with Oscar Hidalgo

Great useless facts about bamboo

Some more (serious) facts about bamboo

The hemp guide

10 facts about bamboo and links

Abari research centre for bamboo

Bamboo research

Bamboo forums

Bamboo living – Bamboo homes

Bamboo furniture – just Google it (images) tons of stuff

Ibuku bamboo

Moso – biggest bamboo in the world?

bamboo bicycles – Google images for more Greenest School Greenest Village Greenest Chocolate Factory

Our Changing Planet

44 million British birds have vanished since 1966

More links added in time – if you have some …. : )


11 must have healing remedies

6 easy ways to a greener kitchen

Making Milk Kefir

Growing Chia Seeds

Please add … a link to your favourite healthcare site would be great

Commons – waiting to be (re) discovered

commons action for the world Elinor Ostrom 8 Principals

Global Commons

Commons Law Project: Green Governance

Commons action – village pump

About commons trusts


Global Atmosphere Trust
• The Pacific Forest Trust
• Rio Atlantic Forest Trust
• The Old Growth Forest Project
• Allegheny Land Trust
• Vermont Land Trust
• North Carolina Coastal Land Trust
• Edwards Aquifer Authority
• Colorado Water Trust
• Indigenous Knowledge Commons
• Music Performance Trust Fund
• Creative Commons


Other Tadelakt

Traditional polishing method of lime plaster – beautiful

Intumescent paint – fire security for bamboo and wood homes

All about phosphorous

Got something interesting? Please add …

Please share this website: By doing so you could help communities, improve the lives of many and perhaps even save a child’s life.

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