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  1. Great to see your web site.
    This idea will open up the concepts of Sustainable sanitation to the rest of the world outside the SuSanA conference platform and especially to the rural poor (like me!)

    Because an idea is new it doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. It only needs people who are enthusiastic and willing to live a simple lifestyle in their community – thus saving them large amounts of time, money and infrastructure. The Howard-Higgins system of DRY sanitation is probably the safest in the world that actually produces something useful that any grower can utilize to grow his food with. It includes both fractions of the human element in one go and there is no need for the labour of separate irrigation with urine afterwards. It takes me about 20 minutes per day to operate the system continually for our household.
    Questions can be asked/answered here, if they are sent to my email address.

    Richard Higgins
    co chair Working Group 05 (SuSanA) Sanitation to Agriculture

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