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Consultation and design ideas are a major component of our service to you. It is through consultation we start the building blocks to finding an eco-solution for your community needs.

There are four main areas of consultation for our kabook-i® permaculture system; each can be consulted on as a separate issue, or as a whole.

  • Kabook-i®:                                        design & construction
  • UDDT ecosan systems                       design & construction
  • Water Management                            design & construction
  • Composting & Gardening                    design & construction
  • We work together with NGO, private sector & not-for-profit organizations on:
  • Discussing project needs and developmental goals with committee
  • Sourcing bamboo &/ or other building materials
  • Fabrication of skeletal frameworks in bamboo (and training)
  • Construction of skeletal frameworks in bamboo (and training)
  • Building with bamboo & locally available materials (and training)
  • Coordinating with architect(s) and NGO’s and/or private parties to design eco houses, villages, schools, clinics, holiday villages & more.
  • Coordinating local labour to complete construction including roofing, doors, windows & screeding.
    Consulting on Eco-sanitary solutions to meet your community needs: Including sourcing various types of non-flush ecosan toilets  and/or low flush systems to suit your community needs. (also see human8ture)
  • Water harvesting and storage.
  • Grey-water management and recycling.
  • Solar water disinfection.
  • Composting & Raised Bed Gardening.
  • Futuristic agricultural methods for growing healthy organic crops.
  • Planting of bamboo and fruit trees.
  • Using organic bio mass, including human wastes, to create compost
  • OTHER:
  • We are currently working on developing a rocket stove design for urban communities. This comes about after a recent visit to the hilltribe people of Thailand, where I found communities still cooking on open wooden fires in bamboo huts. Not healthy!
  • Also …
  • Community planning
  • Creating a cottage industry in crafting furniture from bamboo and artifacts from recycled wood & bamboo and researching / consulting on what other cottage industries would be possible.

We can provide consultancy on building everything from a simple shelter to a complete off the-grid village system that re-cycles all green organic and brown organic (carbon) materials.

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A Hand for Humanity

See below for a part of sample feasibility study for an urban ecosan project in  Nigeria

Development goals: Feasibility study:

  • Visit potential site (s) in Africa and review the layout for footprint, suitability, hygiene, stability, traffic access roads, plus inlet and outlet points/roads for human traffic.
  • Assess the approximate amount of daily usage for male and female. Apply this variable to the type of toilet required.
  • Decide with client on a type of dry, eco-san toilet; discuss the variables, and the implications and maintenance that arise from each of these choices. Decide on the number of wc’s (and/or men’s urinals) within the system for men, women and children.
  • Working with an architect, design a cost efficient, low tech, urban public toilet based on the criteria a, b or c below and local customs plus urban setting requirements.
  • With architect, design a secure rain water catchment and management system. This would include, roof, gutter, drainage, collection/storage type and internal plumbing for hand washing and drainage for any grey-water if required. Design includes installation of at least two sinks & taps for hand-washing within toilet system.
  • Find a source (s) for formula; this would include horticultural woodchip and leaves, sawdust, coir, rice husk and shredded paper.
  • Source a dedicated area within reasonably close proximity to store and mix formula.
  • Source and purchase a low cost but robust shredder / grinder.
  • Train locals on shredding formula
  • Develop a distribution system for formula.
  • Develop a collection and delivery system of human waste within farming communities. This could include the local farming community sourcing / developing / delivering formula in exchange for humanure, making the system self-sufficient.
  • Find a rural area for storage and composting of humanure.
  • Develop a system and train staff on the maintenance of toilets.
  • Develop and source funding for continued maintenance and staffing.
  • Develop any educational and advertising materials as required

In addition, as an appendix to the above, it would be of value to source land for growing bamboo and comfrey as source materials within the system.

Do you know of a community this information could help?




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  1. Please review in case there are partnerships or design development Projects we can do together. Our specialization is sanitation for urban slums. schools, refugee camps and homes.
    Best regards,

    Karsten Gjefle
    Founder – SuSan Design

    • Thank you Karsten for your feedback – I will check it out this evening – re: potential partnerships – If you want to bounce any ideas off me please feel free –

      best regards

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