Providing Consultancy & Services For Global Environmental Issues

“The only way for people to move out of the poverty trap and to escape from their vulnerability to food prices and lack of food security is for them to employ sustainable lifestyle methods based on self-reliance.” G A Carmichael


We are currently seeking funding for field trials for our Urine Diverting Dry Toilet (UDDT)14 

We have autoCAD drawings, professional sketches a full size prototype in fibreglass and a 3D model (see photo). We have a mold maker and manufacturer on standby, ready to start once we have funding. We are currently based in Cambodia, and this is where the UDDT’s will be manufactured, but are willing to travel outside of Cambodia for field trials. Once we have funding the UDDT will be ready for field trials within 8 weeks.  However, preparation for field trials can start almost immediately. Subsequent orders will take less time to manufacture as we will have the molds ready. 

Potential investors are most welcome to come and visit us at our factory in Phnom Penh. 

Please contact me for more details hr@eco1solutions.com 

eco1solutions was set up primarily as a consultancy service to provide creative solutions and design ideas to resolve global humanitarian and environmental issues. In short, to give a hand to humanity and our planet.

From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow

“Providing Consultancy & Services For Global Environmental Issues” may seem like a tall order, but we believe in a KISS approach (Keep It Simple Simon)

There are four main parts to an holistic system we have designed for improved ecological and sustainable lifestyles that you can apply globally.

Human8ture® is a self-contained, hygienic UDDT ecosan system that uses aerobic thermophilic composting and vermiculture to convert humanure into humus and diverts urine for use as NPK.

Kabook-i® is an ecological construction method using bamboo (nature’s re-bar) with a unique locking system to create a cavity wall ‘scaffold’ that is filled with locally available materials to make solid long-term structures.

Water is a vital component of life, and yet it is so often taken for granted, mismanaged and wasted. A systematic approach to water management, grey-water treatment and solar disinfecting is possible.

Composting, no-dig gardening & seed saving, creates a never ending cycle of life by growing organic produce in a small space from compost derived from humanure and/or vegetable waste.

Each part can be used separately, or taken as a whole to create an independent off-the-grid, self-sustainable, ecologically friendly lifestyle that lives in harmony with nature.

It is through reaching out, sharing ideas and working as hands-on consultants within local communities we believe we can improve the lives of many.

contact for consultation now

Please share this website: By doing so you could help communities, improve the lives of many and perhaps even save a child’s life.

making a difference

Click on photo to go to page to find out more: 25 photos like this: I think this blog is out of date, but still, if it helps to raise awareness …





16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Mike,

    This is a great initiative,I believe that there might be opportunities for us to work together going forward.

    keep in touch

    kind regards


  2. Good work so far Mike. Speaking as a geography teacher, this would be a good website starting point to get Canadian students more in touch with the 3 R’s movement and how it is even more necessary in the developing world.

    • Hi Bren: thanks for your feedback – as a suggestion, you could get your students to do a graph (s) on the 3 R’s and poverty, nutrition, disease, sanitation etc etc and see how that connects to GDP. It would be a great ‘live’ exercise involving people and there lives now. You could also look at the bottle garden section and apply this in your class. I would love to post anything you have on my blog

      best regards.

  3. What a great site and a great idea. As hydraulic engineers we travel to many rural areas across the world and never cease to be amazed at the terrible conditions people live in. It really is about time somebody came up with a system that can lift these people out of the poverty trap and into a better way of life. I think this kabook-i four part system does just that. Best of luck to you in your new venture; great idea for the future of construction; hope it takes off for you.

    Mr Ian Taylor

    • Thanks for your very positive feed back Ian, I could do with a few more of these : ) yes I am hoping to reach out a lot to communities to improve lives. Please stay in touch _

      Best regards

  4. Great stuff! Well done, buddy! Your website has improved a lot. Continue to add more information and in no time, it will be visible. While you are still working on it, you may want to consider social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to expand your business. Let me know if you need help on this. Cheers !

  5. Well done, Mike! Now, everyone can understand and benefit from your great and simple ideas… Especially the poor people and the groups trying to better their life. I find your toilet system and human waste recycling method to be straightforward and revolutionary. It could really affect the life of the 2+ billion people who cannot afford a decent toilet and do not have access to a functioning sewage system.

  6. Hi Mike,

    Awesome! I didn’t expect it to be so well designed… within such a short time. Especially for someone with no formal IT background. There are other similar websites but your layout and range of information is just right for the seasoned or casual visitor. I am also confident that you can get your human8ture toilet system going in the millions. This is just what they need in places like India, otherwise the problem will never be solved (great video BTW) And the fact that your home is not just another structure but a complete holistic living system is just again another brilliant idea. I will send you some photos and notes on my work with Square Foot Gardens and Bottle Gardens so that you can post on line. All the best and good luck in your quest to reach out to humanity.

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