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Eco1solutions  is an innovative ecological company dedicated to improving the ecology and the living standards of people globally through our innovative products and ideas.  Several of our programs are give-away, for free, for communities and schools to use to improve their standard of living. There is absolutely no need for children or families to go hungry when it is so simple to grow their own vegetables, providing food-for-life.

We currently have a production model, scalable, high quality anaerobic biogas digester in HDPE for farmers & smallholders which produces methane for cooking and an organic fertilizer for growing healthy, chemical-free vegetables, rice or other crops. The eco1 biogas digester can be fed with any animal dung such as from a cow or pig and also waste food / vegetables and cooking oil. It produces high quality organic fertilizer that is easier for plants to digest, leading to bigger -better crops … and bigger profits for farmers & rural communities. Cooking with methane is very clean and has an immediate beneficial impact on the environment and the health of families, especially children, who suffer from respiratory problems due to smoke inhalation from cooking with wood. It also has the secondary effect of helping to stop deforestation.

We are continuously working on developing other eco products, such as aerobic UDDT’s, (Urine Diverting Dry Toilets) and anaerobic toilets for rural households. Over two billion people open defecate every day, leading to disease, mental and physical stunting, hookworms, ascaris eggs and diarrhoea.

We are researching and developing Rocket Stoves, Gasifiers, Grow Your Own Food, (a program for schools and communities), fodder for livestock and affordable housing for poor communities. It is our end goal to develop off-the-grid,   self-sustainable, disaster resistant communities. We are currently doing research and development on a way to dry the organic slurry and make it available to farmers in 20kg bags, making it easier for storage and transportation. This will have the effect of monetizing the slurry making it easier and quicker for farmers to see a return on their investment (ROI).

If any NGO’s, ORG’s or individuals / entrepreneurs would like to discuss our projects in more detail please use our contact page to get in touch.

Eco1 Solutions

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